Nan GoldinGreer and Robert on the bed, NYC 1982

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Artwork details

Nan Goldin (born 1953)
Greer and Robert on the bed, NYC
Date 1982
MediumPhotograph, colour, Cibachrome print, on paper mounted onto board
Dimensionsimage: 695 x 1015 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1997
Not on display


This is a large colour photograph of a couple on a bed in a New York apartment. The image is partly blurred as though the camera was moved at the moment of shutter release. Its acid colours indicate artificial light, suggesting that the photograph was taken indoors. The couple look away from each other. Robert, on the right of the image, looks out of the frame towards the floor. Greer, whose supine body extends through the centre of the frame to the left side, gazes blankly in the direction of the camera. There are dark shadows beneath her eyes; one skinny hand clutches the wrist of the other arm as if to support it; she is lost in contemplation of something not accessible to the viewer… (read more)

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