Dominique Gonzalez-FoersterNoreturn 2009

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Date 2009
MediumVideo, high definition, colour and sound
Dimensionsduration: 16min
Acquisition Purchased 2010
Not on display


Noreturn 2009 is a short film lasting sixteen minutes featuring a group of school children playing, reading, talking and ultimately sleeping in the cavernous space of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. The film was shot during the last days of the artist’s installation for the Unilever Series commission for the Turbine Hall, entitled TH.2058. The beds, books, sound of rainfall, replica artworks and large LED screen that comprised the installation are all used in the film as props and staging for the children’s activities, which appear to be unsupervised, suggesting that the children may have taken shelter in the apparently abandoned space. The film’s soundtrack was specially devised and recorded by the musician Arto Lindsay, and provides a jarring acoustic accompaniment to the visual action. Light emanates from the massive LED screen installed in the Turbine Hall which displays flashes of bright light, while small LED lights positioned around the space create an evocative and futuristic atmosphere… (read more)

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