Margaret Harrison
Homeworkers 1977

Artwork details

Date 1977
Medium Acrylic paint, printed paper, linen, graphite, woollen scarf, 3 metal brooches, household glove, 29 plastic buttons and wool on canvas
Dimensions Support: 2200 x 2440 mm
support: 305 x 2440 mm
Acquisition Purchased 2011

Display caption

Harrison advocated action and strong political discourse as the only effective means of fighting for workers’ and women’s rights. She began to research Homeworkers when the Equal Pay Act came into force in the UK in December 1975. Harrison worked with the National Campaign for Homeworkers in London for two years and interviewed several piece workers. The canvas includes items such as gloves, brooches, buttons and safety pins, flanked by their selling price, their production time and the money paid to their makers. The seven hands painted at the top symbolise the manual toil involved in piece work.

August 2013

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