Nigel Henderson, Sir Eduardo PaolozziUntitled (Study for Parallel of Life and Art) 1952

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Nigel Henderson (1917‑1985)
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (1924‑2005)
Untitled (Study for Parallel of Life and Art)
Date 1952
MediumPhotographs, black and white, on paper, pen and graphite on paper
Dimensionssupport: 358 x 779 mm
Acquisition Purchased 2007


Untitled (Study for Parallel of Life and Art) is a collaborative work conceived in connection with the exhibition Parallel of Life and Art at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 1953, organised by Henderson and Paolozzi, the architects Alison and Peter Smithson (1928–93 and 1923–2003) and Ronald Jenkins, a civil engineer. The dialogue between life and art that the exhibition sought to stage is figured by Henderson and Paolozzi as a photocollage: an assemblage of black and white photographs, representative of the work of the two artists. These are fixed on a large rectangular panel along two parallel rows. Inscriptions on the far left of the panel, giving the last names of the artists, identify the upper row as the work of Henderson and the lower row as that of Paolozzi. The upper row represents ‘life’ and the lower row represents ‘art’… (read more)

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