Patrick Heron
Horizontal Stripe Painting : November 1957 - January 1958 1957–8

Artwork details

Patrick Heron 1920–1999
Horizontal Stripe Painting : November 1957 - January 1958
Date 1957–8
Medium Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 2743 x 1548 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1972
Not on display

Display caption

Heron was a critic and painter who championed an approach to painting that assessed quality according to such formal values as the flatness of a composition and colour. Of his stripe paintings he wrote, ‘The reason why the stripes sufficed ... was precisely that they were so very uncomplicated as shapes ... the emptier the general format was, the more exclusive the concentration upon the experiences of colour itself.’ Heron resisted the total abandoning of subject matter and even such works as this have been seen in relation to landscape, the horizontal bands and colours perhaps suggesting the horizon at sunset.

February 2010