Technique and condition

The painting falls neatly into the context of the artist's oeuvre, a competent example of a series of works recording, via decorative abstraction, social events that took place in the late 1970's. The date suggests that the painting, being conceived and executed over a number of years, is to capture the essence of a regular social event, which the artist particularly wished to preserve.

The paint has been applied using broad brush strokes of oil paint applied directly on sized hardboard - the areas of exposed hardboard appear to be saturated by some form of sealing material. At the edges of the work an iron-oxide coloured translucent medium can be seen, probably a localised imprimatura beneath some areas of the design. Broad brush strokes lie one on top of the other, and although there is a sense of a speedy application there is little mixing of these layers. On top of the broad brush strokes paint has been applied using the ends of the bristles. It would appear that a dry broad headed brush has been dipped into tube oil paint and applied in circular dabs onto underlying opaque rectangles of colour. Areas of the hardboard are left exposed and are utilised into the design.

Rachel Barker
August 1999