Illustrated companion

Howard Hodgkin has executed a large number of prints in a variety of media. A characteristic associated with his more recent editioned works is hand colouring, where colour is applied to the printed surface, generally by an assistant, in a prescribed way and area. The hand colouring in this print is found in the curved leaf shapes and the broad wash brushstrokes. 'For Bernard Jacobson' is named after the London art dealer who was the publisher of this print. The image objectifies a memory of a scene on a balcony in India at night, with banana trees below, and is typical of Hodgkin's images in which the senses of sight, sound and smell are evoked by a subtle juxtaposition of colours and shapes. It was the first of Hodgkin's prints to approach the scale of his paintings and was printed on two sheets.

Jeremy Lewison

Published in:
Simon Wilson, Tate Gallery: An Illustrated Companion, Tate Gallery, London, revised edition 1991, p.299