Technique and condition

Painted on a solid support of 13mm thickness MDF, which was primed on all faces with Lascaux Acrylic Gesso Primer. The front face was given sixteen coats of primer, each layer sanded between applications to produce the smooth, flat white surface.

Borders were carefully masked before a ruled 'grid' was mapped out. The lines were scored into the primer with silverpoint, leaving a firm silvery mark across the white surface. In some areas, adjustments to the grid have been made with white oil paint.

The painting was then worked on gradually. Each colour was applied separately, building the painting up over a period of 12 months. The paint used was Sax oil paint, to which was added a mixture of damar varnish and wax, and a small addition of Charbonnel's etching extender medium. This modified paint was further thinned with turpentine before application with small brushes. Each vertical line was underpainted with a single colour, the left hand stripe being green. Onto this underpaint, layers of colour were built up with varying thickness, allowing sufficient drying time between each application to prevent smudging. The grid was redefined with white paint applied in 1mm thick strokes.

Jo Crook
June 1997