Technique and condition

Khakhar has employed a standard stretched cotton duck canvas with an oil type, white priming for what is slightly unusual, a square format. It is inscribed on the back of the canvas that oil paint has been used.

The paint appears to have been worked on for an extended period. Changes in composition are visible where colour or thick underlayers show through surface paint. Brush marks are visible, but the surface has been smoothed. Where only one or two paint layers are present, the canvas texture shows, but where greater thicknesses are present, the paint surface has an enamel like appearance. Perhaps as a result of its thickness, some drying cracks have formed in some areas. The thickness of the film may have slowed the drying of the film allowing the cracks to develop. Some of the areas covered by the thickest paint are also the most glossy, indicating that additional binder has been mixed in with the paint.

No varnish is apparent. From dates written on the back of the canvas, the painting was executed over five months.

Tim Green
October 1998