Technique and condition

A painted aluminium sculpture made of two units which are wall-mounted and displayed together as a single entity. The two elements are placed together but not physically attached. Both elements are made of aluminium (between 3-5mm in thickness).

The individual shapes were sawn from aluminium and welded together to form two elements. The construction of the larger element (on the proper right side) also includes two tap & died screws in addition to welded joins. This is because the sculpture was initially made in three pieces, but two pieces were screwed together to form one piece. The join was also filled with a rigid filler prior to painting. The surface has been spray-painted with cellulose grey paint over a white primer, producing a slightly uneven, matt finish.

A small structural crack is visible along a welded join in the middle of the larger element. This point is particularly vulnerable to twisting as the joint is on a narrow stem connecting the two heavier ends. The surface finish of the paint is considerably glossier over the area where the two tap & died screws are incorporated. Brush marks suggest that this area has been brush-painted over the sprayed surface.

The larger element is attached to the wall with three screws. The smaller element is attached to the wall with industrial velcro tape.

Stella Willcocks
April 2002