Technique and condition

The following entry is based on interviews with John Latham held during 2004-5 as well as the conservation record held in Sculpture Conservation.

A large glass panel mounted across the spines of five large freestanding hardback books (bound editions of The Times newspaper). Five smaller books appear to come through the centre of the glass. The books have been dissected and bonded to each side of the glass panel using silicon sealant. Pages of torn text are bonded to the glass and a small section of glass has been cut out on the top right proper side.

There are no additional marks or inscriptions by the artist.

The sculpture is floor standing and displayed on a low level kick plinth, a subsequent addition accepted by the artist.

The sculpture is still in a stable structural condition and therefore freestanding, as the artist intended. Upon acquisition, the books were slightly worn and misshapen with genuine signs of ageing, wear and tear, as fitting for reclaimed materials. Latham approved of the current gently aged appearance of the artwork and wishes to retain this. Recent excess warping to one book cover considered unacceptable by the artist was straightened by Conservation.

Jodie Glen-Martin and Bryony Bery
November 2005