Li Yuan-chia
Monochrome White Painting 1963

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Li Yuan-chia 1929–1994
Monochrome White Painting
Date 1963
Medium Polyvinyl acetate paint and cards on canvas
Dimensions Support: 599 x 800 x 20 mm
frame: 820 x 1025 x 60 mm
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Li Yuan-Chia arrived in London in the early 1960s. Considered one of the founding fathers of abstract art in Taiwan, his work combined aspects of Western and Eastern thought. He used the bare language and spatial freedom of abstraction to convey existential conditions, focusing on the situation of the individual in the universe. The surface of Monochrome White Painting includes Li Yuan-Chia’s most personal visual mark: the dot or circular form, which for him symbolised the beginning and end of all things.

October 2012

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