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T03482 Pregnant Woman 1912

Plaster, coated with shellac 25 1/4 × 5 3/4 × 5 (642 × 146 × 122)
Inscribed ‘13’ under base in red paint
Presented by the Lipchitz Foundation 1982
Lit: Bert van Bork, Jacques Lipchitz. The Artist at Work, 1966, p.88; Lipchitz 1972, p.11 and repr.fig.6 (bronze); Stott 1975, pp.186 and 256 (2, bronze)

The artist associated this sculpture with the ‘Woman with Gazelles’ group of the same year, although it was an independent sculpture.

There is no record of a bronze cast before the reproduction in Lipchitz's autobiography. The figure's hair appears to have been remodelled at some time before its reproduction in Bert van Bork's book of 1966, but otherwise this is presumably an original plaster of 1912.

[For T03397 and T03479 to T03534 the foundry inscriptions, and reproductions of casts in other materials in the books listed below, are recorded. Abbreviations used:

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Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986