Andrew Lord
biting 1996–8

Artwork details

Andrew Lord born 1950
Date 1996–8
Medium Ceramic, epoxy, gold leaf, encre de Chine and oak table
Dimensions Object: 705 x 470 x 450 mm
object: 747 x 440 x 440 mm
Acquisition Purchased with assistance from the Karpidas Family (Tate Americas Foundation) 2013
On display at Tate Britain
Room: 1990

Display caption

Lord uses clay to create what he calls ‘process sculptures’. His earlier works employed fairly conventional ideas of making ceramic vessels through a use of modelling or pressing and squeezing, but this two-part work explores the relationship of the body to the act of making. He works to objectify gestures that might communicate the senses, as biting is a physical act that also communicates taste. He has explained how using his body as a tool ‘became a way of identifying and isolating senses and sensations and a way to assemble a catalogue of my physical self, a record of my physical memory.’

September 2016

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