Simon MartinWednesday Afternoon 2005

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Simon Martin (born 1965)
Wednesday Afternoon
Date 2005
MediumVideo, projection, colour and sound (stereo)
Dimensionsduration: 12min
Acquisition Purchased 2008
Not on display


Wednesday Afternoon is a meditation on the act of looking, filmed in The British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, by the artist on a series of afternoons. An anonymous male narrator with a soft Canadian accent muses on the experience of a museum visit, as the camera’s gaze falls upon objects of curiosity – treasures and artefacts spanning thousands of years of civilisation.

During the course of twelve minutes, the video progresses through a series of long-held, static shots of the galleries, some of which might be mistaken for photographs, except for the traffic of an occasional visitor; as time passes the light darkens and the shadows lengthen. There is no clear logic to the sequence of objects, nor does the voice-over make reference to a specific piece. Such diverse objects as an African mask, The Elgin Marbles, a stuffed monkey, an Egyptian mummy, Elizabethan sarcophagi and Victorian china are all just an accumulation of ‘stuff… (read more)

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