Technique and condition

The following entry is based on correspondence with the artist held in January 2005 as well as the conservation record held in Sculpture Conservation.

Four rectangular aluminium framed screens which abut perpendicular to each other from a central fixed point. Each screen is lined with fabric, voile, georgette and chiffon dyed white, pink, green and black. The dimensions of each screen deliberately correlate with four windows at The Modern Institute in Glasgow from the room where the artwork was first displayed, installed in the windows.

The artist made the four frames from 10mm gauge, 32mm ‘box section’ aluminium. “I then hand drilled the holes for securing the four frames together, before having them coloured/varnished using the industrial process; powder coating. One frame is black and one white, this paint was applied onto ‘chromated aluminium’, while the other two were varnished directly onto bare polished aluminium” (correspondence with Scott Myles, January 2005). The fabric was then stretched across the frames and bonded in place with adhesive using the same technique for making silk screens.

There are no additional marks or inscriptions by the artist.

After the exhibition closed at the Modern Institute the frames were installed as a free standing sculpture displayed direct onto the gallery floor.

The condition of the sculpture is good although the nature of the materials cause unavoidable minor distortion and quickly accumulate dust during display.

Jodie Glen-Martin
October 2005