Catalogue entry


Inscr. ‘John Nash’ b.r.
Canvas, 27×30 (68·5×76).
Presented by the Contemporary Art Society 1952.

Coll: Sir Edward Marsh 1919, presented to Ivor Novello on condition that he bequeathed it to the C.A.S. for presentation to the Tate Gallery; C.A.S. 1952.
Exh: London Group, April–May 1919 (42), as ‘Cornfield - Chalfont’; Goupil Gallery, February 1921 (44); C.A.S., Paintings and Drawings, Grosvenor House, June–July 1923 (9); Modern Paintings and Drawings lent by Edward Marsh, Newcastle, 1931 (24); Anthology of English Painting, 1900–31, French Gallery, November 1931 (33); Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 1934 (136); British Council, Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg, 1936 (595).
Lit: Frank Rutter, ‘John Nash’ in Studio, CI, 1931, p.332; John Rothenstein, Modern English Painters: Lewis to Moore, 1956, p.240.
Repr: Studio, CXLVII, 1954, p.4; John Rothenstein, The Tate Gallery, 1962, p.254.

On the back there is the beginning of another landscape composition in flat areas of colour; this has been erased with rough brush-strokes.

The artist wrote of ‘The Cornfield’: ‘It was painted in 1918 - late summer when Paul and I were sharing a large herb-dying shed at Chalfont Common (near C. St Peter) and painting War pictures. I remember we were very punctilious about working for the Ministry of Information all day and did not allow ourselves to do any of our own peace time work until after 6 o'c in the evenings! This was the first painting (not war) that I did after being released from the Army’ (letter of 7 July 1952). For a related watercolour see N06234.

Published in:
Mary Chamot, Dennis Farr and Martin Butlin, The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, London 1964, II