Mary Newcomb
People Walking amongst Small Sandhills 1983

Artwork details

Mary Newcomb 1922–2008
People Walking amongst Small Sandhills
Date 1983
Medium Oil paint on hardboard
Dimensions Support: 695 x 811 mm
Acquisition Presented by the Trustees of the Chantrey Bequest 1997
Not on display

Technique and condition

This work is painted on 3mm untempered hardboard, primed white, then painted on with several layers of oil paint. First applied paint was greatly thinned. Where visible, for example around the graphite signature, bottom right, the dilute paint can be seen to have puddled around hairs and other debris in the paint. Most applications of paint were thin, allowing the white from the primer to enhance the luminosity of the colours scumbled on top. In places, notably the sky, more neutral coloured paint covers richer hues. Many of the brushstrokes appear to have been rapidly made. The last paint applied depicts posts and figures.

Presumably once dried, the painting was trimmed, with board being removed from the top and right edges. Both these edges are free from white primer. The back has a painted inscription including date artist's name and title on the back.

Timothy Green
May 1998

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