Albert Oehlen Loa 2007

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Albert Oehlen born 1954
Date 2007
Medium Acrylic paint, ink, photograph on paper, spray paint and oil paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 1702 x 3102 x 41 mm
Acquisition Presented by Tate Patrons 2009

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Loa incorporates phrases and lyrics from the German techno band Scooter, which Oehlen appropriated in order to evoke atmosphere rather than to offer a specific message. The title derives from the word ‘LOATH’ that appears twice across the top of the painting, in one case obscured by a collaged page from a German black metal magazine. A bar-code and a Spanish text referring to chinaware suggest advertising imagery and product design. Oehlen has referred to his practice as ‘post-non-representational’. Loa is typical of his use of found imagery, collage and text within the frame of painting.

September 2008

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