Gordon Onslow-Ford
Determination of Gender 1939

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Gordon Onslow-Ford 1912–2003
Determination of Gender
Date 1939
Medium Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 921 x 727 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1972
Not on display

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Onslow-Ford was born in Wendover. He served as a naval officer for several years before moving to Paris, where he was taught by the Modernist painter, Fernard Léger.

While in Paris he came under the influence of the Surrealist artists, and the ideas of the French writer, André Breton. Breton's philosophy of automatism can be seen in this painting, which investigates the relationship between the conscious state and dreams. Onslow-Ford described Determination of Gender  as ‘bringing the dream world and the waking state closer together'.

September 2004

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