Technique and condition

The sculpture consists of 1116 silver-plated objects, including cutlery, dishes, candle holders, musical instruments, presentation cups and light fittings. The artist arranged to have these objects steamed rolled to flatten them. When displayed, the objects are arranged in pools containing between thirty-three and forty-six pieces. The configuration of these pools is variable. The objects have been drilled in two or three places so that they can each be suspended from a mesh ceiling using tinned copper wire. The length of the wire is also variable depending on the ceiling height but the pools are suspended 5’’ (102mm) above the ground.

There is no applied finish but the objects have been polished. Some objects have been rendered fragile by the steam rolling. The silver plating is worn on various objects and in some cases the alloy is visible. The objects are polished before each display as instructed by the artist.

Bryony Bery
April 2004