Catalogue entry


Inscr. ‘Louise Pickard’ b.r.
Canvas, 32×40 (81·5×101·5); approximately 1 (2·5) on the left was originally turned over the edge of a narrower stretcher.
Chantrey Purchase from the Redfern Gallery 1941.
Coll: Sir Cyril Butler by 1925.
Exh: (?) Goupil Gallery, January 1924 (82, ‘A Cottage Window’, or 84, ‘Still Life’); N.E.A.C., Retrospective Exhibition (1886–1924), January–February 1925 (39), and Manchester, April–May 1925 (90); Alpine Club Gallery, October 1928 (52); R.A., 1942 (10).
Repr: Artwork, IV, 1928, p. 222.

Previously catalogued as ‘Vegetable Still Life’. The artist's niece, Miss I. M. Thompson, has written that, ‘The “Vegetable Still Life” was painted in her cottage at Sheepscombe in the Cotswolds during the first war’ (letter of 27 July 1961), and Louise Pickard's exhibits at the N.E.A.C., summer 1916, were sent in from Mount Pleasant, Sheepscombe, Stroud; she painted a number of Cotswold subjects.

On the back there is a label of the Goupil Gallery, where the artist often exhibited pictures, with the title ‘Still-Life’. Sir Cyril Butler was the artist's chief patron.

Published in:
Mary Chamot, Dennis Farr and Martin Butlin, The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, London 1964, II