Marc Quinn
No Visible Means of Escape IV 1996

Artwork details

Marc Quinn born 1964
No Visible Means of Escape IV
Date 1996
Medium Rubber and nylon
Dimensions 3400 x 760 x 370
Acquisition Purchased 1997
Not on display


This piece consists of a hollow polyurethane rubber cast of the artist's nude body split in two up to the neck, the back half of the body suspended by a rope from a ceiling bar so that the front of the toes just clears the floor. The rubber has been pigmented brown using oil paint. The impression is of a figure shedding its skin and renewing itself. It relates to an early latex body cast work, You Take my Breath Away (1992, Saatchi Collection, London). No Visible Means of Escape I (1996) is in the Saatchi Collection.

No Visible Means of Escape, in common with Quinn's earlier works, suggests flux, change and transformation, but less violently than in previous works such as Emotional Detox (1995), a group of seven lead casts of the artist's body parts, and Self (1991, Saatchi Collection, London), a self-portrait head the artist made from his own frozen blood.

Further reading:
Sarah Kent, Shark Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s, London 1994, pp.73-6

Terry Riggs
October 1997