James Rosenquist
Where the Water Goes 1989

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James Rosenquist born 1933
Where the Water Goes
Date 1989
Medium Paper, acrylic paint, dye and lithograph on paper
Dimensions Image: 2611 x 1473 mm
Acquisition Presented by Tyler Graphics Ltd in honour of Pat Gilmour, Tate Print Department 1974-7, 2004
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The Welcome to the Water Planet series addresses a recurring theme in Rosenquist’s work: the ecological impact of consumer culture on the natural environment. The water planet’ of the title is the Earth, imagined as it might be seen from outer space. Rosenquist and Tyler began work on all their prints together using a small preparatory collage as a guide. They used a combination of printing techniques: coloured paper pulp for the backgrounds, and lithography for the figures in the foreground.

November 2004

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