Technique and condition

The original canvas is a plain woven linen, prepared with a white oil ground. It has been wax lined onto linen canvas and restretched onto a five-member pine stretcher which is probably original.

There is no initial drawing visible. The oil paint is applied in several layers and appears to contain some alterations to the composition made as work progressed. The paint is sufficiently thickly applied to obscure the canvas texture in the most light/opaque areas. It has also led to the development of slightly open cracks as the paint dried. These are particularly noticeable in the dark colours of the curtain, dress and floor. The painting is varnished.

The seventeenth-century carved and gilded frame had suffered from infestation by woodworm.

On acquisition some of the most visible drying cracks were inpainted and the painting revarnished. The frame was treated for woodworm and the fitting of the painting improved.

Roy Perry
February 1998