John Singer Sargent
Preliminary Relief of Crucifixion 1897–9

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John Singer Sargent 1856–1925
Preliminary Relief of Crucifixion
Date 1897–9
Medium Bronze and oak
Dimensions Object: 1118 x 787 x 89 mm
Acquisition Presented by A.G. Ross in accordance with the wishes of the late Robert Ross through the Art Fund 1919
Not on display

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The painter of society portraits, J.S.Sargent, was commissioned in 1890 to design murals for the new Public Library building in Boston, Massachusetts. These were a complete departure from his usual work. He chose as theme the history of religion. For this he used a variety of historical styles, Egyptian, Byzantine and classical, and incorporated relief sculpture and friezes of lettering. This Crucifix is a small model for a part of a wall showing 'The Dogma of Redemption'. Figures of Adam and Eve at either side of the cross collect Christ's blood, and below his feet is a traditional symbol of the resurrection, a pelican feeding its young with its blood. The cornice corresponds to part of the Library building.

August 2004

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