Samuel Scott A View of Westminster Bridge and Parts Adjacent engraved 1758

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Samuel Scott c.1702–1772
A View of Westminster Bridge and Parts Adjacent
Date Engraved 1758
Medium Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 298 x 540 mm
Acquisition Presented by Robert Vernon 1847
Not on display

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Scott painted this view of Westminster Bridge as a pair to a 'View of London Bridge before the Late Alterations', shown nearby. The two pictures make a deliberate contrast between the old (Old London Bridge) and the new (the recently completed Westminster Bridge), further emphasised by the choppy tidal current shown in the former, and the calm waters of this picture. Scott painted several versions of it, all of which appear to be based on a detailed panoramic drawing which he kept in his studio until his death. The details of Derby Court, on the extreme right, and Dorset Court next to it, are meticulously depicted, as is the busy river traffic, which was such feature of eighteenth-century London life.

September 2004

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