Catalogue entry

William Scott 1913-1989

T00795 Berlin Blues 4 1965

Inscr. on back of stretcher, ‘W. Scott “Berlin Blues 4” 1965 cat. 34’ and on the canvas an arrow indicating the top.
Oil on canvas, 60¼ x 72 ¼ (153 x 183.5).
Presented by an anonymous donor 1965.
Coll: Purchased from the artist by the Hanover Gallery.
Exh: Hanover Gallery, September–October 1965 (34).

One of a group of pictures showing a trend in Scott’s work towards the elimination of impasto and conspicuous brush marks and towards flatter, simpler but less rectilinear forms.

The artist wrote (25 November 1965): ‘It is one of a series of Blue pictures started in Berlin 1964 - The title has no significance apart from the discovery of this particular blue pigment in Berlin.

‘My space relationships have become more symmetrical i.e. more Byzantine in origin.’

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1965–1966, London 1967.