Catalogue entry

P07944 Out of Focus Objects and Flowers 1968

Etching 11 × 9 7/8 (280 × 251) on paper 22 3/8 × 10 3/4 (568 × 270), printed by the artist at Editions Alecto, not editioned
Inscribed ‘Colin Self 1968’ b.r. and ‘Out of focus object and flowers’ and ‘trial proof 1/13’
Purchased from the artist (Grant-in-Aid) 1983

The first prints Self made at Editions Alecto were of flowers pressed into soft or hard grounds; ‘the out of focus is the mind blurred by some event in one's infancy which “clouds one's vision” but it happened so early one doesn't “know” what it was. The flowers are nostalgia. The past, sweetness, new hope growing.’

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986