Technique and condition

A colour photograph, Ilfochrome on resin coated paper support. Dating from 1992 when Cindy Sherman made a series of photographs titled Sex Picture Series from which this image is taken. It is in an edition of 6 and this print is number 1. Technically the process is called a 'silver dye bleach process'. Basically, pre-formed dyes are incorporated into the emulsion during manufacture, and are catalystically destroyed to form the image during processing. The colours dyes that make up the hues of the finished print are all incorporated in the support right from the off-set. During processing, the dyes are selectively bleached away to leave the coloured image. The process tends to be used for making prints from transparencies and is available with a gloss finish which is the case with this print. The Image fills the entire sheet with no blank borders.

Please note: The photographic process called Ilfochrome, is still more commonly known amongst artists' as Cibachrome (developed by Ciba-Geigy in Switzerland and popular after 1974) because when this process was taken up by artists Cibachrome was the material they commonly used. In fact Ilford have offered they own version since 1960 and more recently (1991-1992) the Cibachrome process has been taken over by Ilford and is now known as Ilfochrome Classic. The print is permanently framed within a thin L-setion frame finished in matt black paint. On acquisition the print is in good condition.

Calvin Winner
April 2001