Parviz Tanavoli
The Poet and the Beloved of the King 1964-6

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Parviz Tanavoli born 1937
The Poet and the Beloved of the King
Date 1964-6
Medium Wood, tin-plate, copper, steel, fluorescent light, Perspex and oil paint
Dimensions Object: 1897 x 1080 x 1070 mm
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Motifs taken from Iranian religious folk art recur in Tanavoli’s work, especially the saqqakhaneh, a votive fountain protected by metal grills. Here he reappropriates the evocative grill element, extracted from its original function and applied to robot-like figures made out of brightly coloured, pop-inspired materials. The two figures relate to characters from a love story which forms part of Shahnameh (977–1010), the national epic of Iran: Shirin, a princess, and Farhad, a stone cutter given the impossible task of carving a passage through Mount Bisotoon to win Shirin’s hand.

February 2016

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