Catalogue entry

P07570 THE SIEVE 1972

Inscribed ‘Tàpies’ bottom right and ‘27/75’
Etching with embossing, printed and published by Maeght Editeur, Paris, 25 3/4× 35 1/8 (65.3×89.3)
Purchased from Maeght Editeur (Grant-in-Aid) 1981
Lit: Mariuccia Galfetti and Gustavo Gili, Tàpies: Obra Grafica 1947–72, Barcelona, 1973, no.275

In his prints, Tàpies translates the rich surface of collage, impasto and violent or graffiti-like marks of his paintings into graphic terms. He used impressions of real things, as in ‘The Sieve’ [P07570], and collage as in ‘Collaged Cloth’ [P07572]. There are references to location in ‘Cartography’ [P07571]; Teresa is the name of Tàpies' wife.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1980-82: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1984