Sir Hamo Thornycroft Teucer 1881

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Date 1881
Medium Bronze
Dimensions Object: 2407 x 1511 x 660 mm, 230 kg
Acquisition Presented by the Trustees of the Chantrey Bequest 1882
On display at Tate Britain

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The champion Greek archer Teucer was one of the heroes of Homer's story of the Trojan War. When this bronze was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1882 a quotation from Pope's translation of Homer was printed in the catalogue, as the subject was unusual. Thornycroft admired the Elgin marbles, and his early works were in a Greek style. With 'Teucer', in emulation of the grandeur of Leighton's 'Athlete', he made a monumental ideal nude.
The critic Edmund Gosse wrote that it had 'something almost archaic about its serenity and rigidity...this is courageously realistic'.

August 2004

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