Amikam Toren
Armchair Painting - Untitled (wallbound) 1991

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Amikam Toren born 1945
Armchair Painting - Untitled (wallbound)
Date 1991
Medium Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions Support: 280 x 430 mm
Acquisition Purchased 2012
Not on display

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Armchair Painting: Untitled shows a landscape, complete with snow-capped mountains, into which the word ‘wallbound’ has been cut, puncturing the surface of the canvas, and is one of an ongoing series of works that began in 1989 collectively know as the Armchair Paintings. Toren buys ‘thrift-store’ paintings and then cuts the text into the picture plane. The language is taken
from different sources: graffiti, signage or overheard phrases, and the dissonant combination of text and image creates new meaning. These works are what Toren refers to as ‘adjusted readymades’ – found objects he alters to reconstitute meaning.

October 2013

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