Technique and condition

Painted in oil paints on a fine, oil primed linen canvas stretched onto a strainer prepared by a French colourman, size 12 paysage, the painting has gone through several changes in composition.

The artist has worked over already 'dry' paint, modifying layers with thin rubbed washes and scumbles, or obliterated them with substantial applications of impasted brush marked paint. The earlier shapes remain visible in the surface texture.

The surface has a general, thin varnish layer and there appears to be some varnish between layers of paint, possibly to prevent 'sinking' of the paint when reworking.

The painting had been treated in the past, including cleaning and improving the attachment of the canvas to the stretcher. It required surface cleaning and the restoration of some minor scratches and abrasions on acquisition. The existing frame of relatively recent origin was also improved.

Roy Perry