David TroostwykWood X Square 1974

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David Troostwyk (1929‑2009)
Wood X Square
Date 1974
Medium5 photographs, black and white, on paper on board
Dimensionsimage: 914 x 914 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1975
Not on display

Catalogue entry

P07237 WOOD×SQUARE 1974

Inscribed on a typed label on the back of each panel ‘David Troostwyk’; also artist's name embossed in a circular stamp
Five photographs mounted on block board, each 36×36 (91.5×91.5)
Acquired from the artist as a replacement for T.1709, 1975

The artist wrote the following statement after he had conceived and started to make the work in August, 1974. He completed the work in April, 1975.

‘ “Wood×Square” is one of a number of works about physical time. All produced by originating a mark, recording it-usually by tracing, and displaying the result elsewhere. In this case I have used, not a drawn mark, but a wood square recorded by camera and chosen because of its inherent demonstration of lapsed time. This work, in common with all my recent work, employs the square, as a standard form regulated by idea… (read more)

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