William Tucker



William Tucker born 1935
Painted steel and fibreglass
Object: 914 x 1524 x 1524 mm
Presented by Alistair McAlpine (later Lord McAlpine of West Green) 1970

Not on display

Catalogue entry

William Tucker b. 1935

T01379 Meru/Union 1966

Not inscribed.
Painted steel and fibreglass, 36 x 60 x 60 (91.5 x 152.5 x 152.5).
Presented by Alistair McAlpine 1971.
Exh: The Alistair McAlpine Gift, Tate Gallery, June–August 1971 (43, repr.).
Lit: Richard Morphet, in catalogue of The. Alistair McAlpine Gift, 1971 pp. 89–105.

‘Meru/Union’ is a unique piece.

‘Meru/Union’, a recapitulation of many of Tucker’s concerns since 1961, also anticipates the pronounced rationality of the works that followed it. Modular, and laterally symmetrical, it is constructed like a pyramid, though the prominence given to its modules by its small scale produces a different gestalt. It is a fusion of the idea of four-square centralised structure in ‘Union of Opposites’, 1962 with the symmetrical stepped image of the ‘Meru’ series. A rational and lucid structure, it consists of nineteen cubes, all of which can be seen in part. On the other hand, despite the solid centre, something of the keystone-heavy quality of the ‘Meru’ series is sustained in colouring it dark at the top and light at the bottom.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1970–1972, London 1972.