Joseph Mallord William Turner

Broken Branches and Foliage


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Graphite on paper
Support: 125 x 174 mm
Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Turner Bequest XLII 16

Catalogue entry

Made with the page turned horizontally, the subject is continued on folio 9 recto opposite (D01692; Turner Bequest XLII 17). Similar studies of foliage are on folios 9 verso–10 recto and 68 verso–69 recto (D01693–D01694, D01812–D01813; Turner Bequest XLII 18–19, 136–137). They may have been made in the park at Fonthill while Turner was there in 1799 to make views of the new house for William Beckford.
Technical notes:
John Ruskin’s inscription ‘796’ relates to the extraction of the leaf to display the recto (D01690; Turner Bequest XLII 15). The paper of this side is slightly discoloured from the prolonged exposure of that drawing.

Andrew Wilton
March 2013

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