After Joseph Mallord William Turner
Cascade of Terni, engraved by John Landseer published 1819

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Cascade of Terni, engraved by John Landseer
Date Published 1819
Medium Line engraving on paper
Acquisition Transferred from the British Museum 1988
Not on display

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In 1818, when the fourth, Italian canto of 'Childe Harold' was published, Turner was making watercolours to illustrate James Hakewill's 'Picturesque Tour of Italy', based on the author's own drawings. This subject was published there near a relevant quotation from 'Childe Harold' - the first published conjunction between Byron's poetry and Turner's art outside a Royal Academy catalogue. Turner's Hakewill subjects anticipate those later made to illustrate Byron's 'Life and Works'.

August 2004

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