Catalogue entry

521. [N05476] Mountain Scene with Lake and Hut c. 1840–5


Oil and pencil on canvas, 28 × 38 (71 × 96·5)

Coll. Turner Bequest 1856 (141, one of 2 each 3'2" × 2'4" with No. 522; identified 1946 and 1973 by chalk number on back); transferred to the Tate Gallery 1947.

Exh. R.A. 1974–5 (569).

Lit. Davies 1946, pp. 157, 188; Butlin 1981, p. 45.

Correctly grouped with No. 522 [N05486] in the schedule of the Turner Bequest as similar not only in size but also in style, handling and subject. The scene may well be a Swiss lake, being similar to those depicted by Turner in a number of watercolours of the 1840s. The two pictures are akin in style and subject to the National Gallery of Victoria's Val d'Aosta (No. 520). Both Nos. 521 [N05476] and 522 [N05486] are painted on canvases bearing the form of T. Brown stamp that seems to have come into use in about 1839.

A rectilinear pattern of lines of dirt impressed into the paint when it was still wet, and a similarly impressed texture from canvas in the lower right-hand corner, show that other pictures were leant against this one while it was fresh in Turner's studio; the lines have been minimised by conservation treatment. The original paint is missing down the left-hand edge.

Published in:
Martin Butlin and Evelyn Joll, The Paintings of J.M.W. Turner, revised ed., New Haven and London 1984