Joseph Mallord William Turner

List of Pictures, Prices and Clients (Inscriptions by Turner)


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Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851
Graphite on paper
Support: 119 x 73 mm
Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Turner Bequest LXXXIV 66 a

Catalogue entry

The page is inscribed by Turner, mainly in pencil but with a cross and the final line in ink, as follows:
Bonvile               x               Mr. Green. 
Vorrepe                               Mr. Green. 
                                      4 – 4 
Bonnevile            100 E           3F – 4F.  
Bonnevile                             Mr.Dobree 
Conway               small            Rd. Mr.Lancaster 
Tummel B.            12 E.            (G.) 
3–6 by 4   Edinburgh                  Mr Alnutt 
Small picture for 100 for Mrs Lee 
This list of pictures, clients and prices, together with that on folio 66 verso and the further note on folio 68 of this sketchbook (D05242, D05244), provides the main evidence for its date. However, as noted in the Introduction, the identifiable works cover a span of years and there is no indication of when these notes were made and whether projects are past, current or future.
In order of listing, these are as follows. The ‘Bonvile’ and ‘Vorrepe’ for ‘Mr Green’ may be watercolours based on Turner’s Swiss tour in 1802 and unidentifiable today if indeed they were executed. A further possibility is that the first of these works is the same as the first of the two Bonneville subjects listed below and bracketed together, the pictures Bonneville, Savoy with Mont Blanc and Châteaux de St Michael, Bonneville, Savoy exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1803. A longstanding confusion between these pictures and their purchasers was convincingly resolved by Andrew Wilton1 who argued that the former was bought by John Green of Blackheath and is now at the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut while the latter was bought by the banker Samuel Dobree in 1804 and is in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Texas, rather than the other way around as described by Butlin and Joll in their catalogue.2 Mr Green’s ‘Mt. Blanc’ is also listed on folio 66 verso; the size, ‘3F by 4’, is the same as given here and conforms to that of the Yale picture.

David Blayney Brown
November 2004

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