Joseph Mallord William Turner

List of Subscribers (Inscriptions by Turner)


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Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851
Support: 185 x 118 mm
Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Turner Bequest LXXXVII 4

Catalogue entry

This continues the list of subscribers to Charles Turner’s mezzotint after Turner’s picture The Shipwreck (Tate N00476),1 commenced on folio 1 verso of the sketchbook (D05377; Turner bequest LXXXVII 2). See Introduction for the picture. Names are as follows, with their identities where known. All are written in ink. Many names, given here with a cross, are struck through in pencil, and one, identified by an asterisk, in ink. Quantities of plates or types (for example proofs) are indicated in some cases.
‘Carr’: ?The Revd William Holwell Carr (1758–1831), collector and connoisseur
x ‘Carlisle’: Sir Anthony Carlisle (1768–1840), Turner’s doctor; surgeon; Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy, 1808–24
*‘Soane’: Sir John Soane (1753–1837), architect, collector, Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy from 1806
x ‘Lascelles’: Edward Lascelles (1764–1814), collector and landowner of Harewood, Yorkshire
x ‘Lady Lucas. Proof’: Amabel Hume-Campbell, née Yorke, 5th Lady Lucas and later 1st Countess de Grey (1751–1833), author, collector and landowner of St James’s Square, London, Putney Heath and Wrest Park, Bedfordshire
x ‘Stothard’: Thomas Stothard (1755–1834), artist
x ‘Laporte’: John Laporte (1761–1839), artist
‘Mr. G. Holland at Mr. Eshin & Eshin. St. Michael’s Hill, Bristol. Proof’
x ‘Thos. Barber, Nottingham’
x ‘Mr. Sass’: Henry Sass (1788–1844), artist and drawing master, or Richard Sasse (1774–1844), artist
x ‘Ed. V. Utterson, Esq. 32, Gt. Coram, Bruns. Sqr’: Edward Vernon Utterson (circa 1781–1856), lawyer, collector and artist, also listed on folio 24
x ‘Mr. Glover’: John Glover (1767–1849), artist
x ‘Revd. J. Bustock, Cambridge’
x ‘Lady Powis, R.H.’: Henrietta, Countess of Powis (1758–1830)
x ‘Mr. T. Miller’
[The preceding two names are bracketed with a note, ‘Wells’, presumably alluding to William Frederick Wells, who is also listed on folio 1 verso
x ‘Miss P. Jackson = J. Jackson, Esq., Dowgate’: ?John Jackson (1778–1831), artist, and a relative
x ‘Miss Wells’: probably Clar[iss]a (1787–1883), daughter of William Frederick Wells
x ‘C. Varley, 9. Charlotte P. Place’: Cornelius Varley (1781–1873), artist
x ‘S.J. Stump. 4, Duncan P., Leicester Square’: Samuel John Stump (circa 1783–1863), artist
x ‘Mr. Stamforth, Berkeley Square’
x Sir T. Gage’: also listed on folio 24
x ‘- Lewis, Esqr. 2 Proofs. 9, Devonshire Street.’: ?Frederick Christian Lewis (1781–1856), engraver
‘Mr. G. Barratt, 20, Litton Green. Print’

David Blayney Brown
December 2005

Martin Butlin and Evelyn Joll, The Paintings of J.M.W. Turner, revised ed., New Haven and London 1984, p.43 no.54 (pl. 64).

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