After Joseph Mallord William Turner
Richmond Castle and Town, engraved by J. Archer published 1820

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Richmond Castle and Town, engraved by J. Archer
Date Published 1820
Medium Engraving on paper
Acquisition Transferred from the British Museum 1988
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Paolozzi began collecting images
from American popular magazines
as a child and continued to do so as
an adult. In Paris in the late 1940s he
was given such material by American
ex-servicemen studying in the city. These images presented a seductive world of glamour, wealth and consumption which contrasted with war-ravaged Europe.
For Paolozzi, they also possessed artistic value as the iconography of a new world. At the first Independent Group meeting
in 1952 he projected a selection of this material, which he dubbed Bunk, onto
a screen like an art-historical lecture.

August 2004

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