Joseph Mallord William Turner

Sketch Map of the Meuse between Verdun and Mouzon; Other Notes and Sketches


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Graphite on paper
Support: 78 x 118 mm
Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856

Catalogue entry

Here Turner has sketched a map of the Meuse, tracing its trajectory between the north-eastern French towns of Verdun and Mouzon. From Verdun, Turner’s inscriptions read: ‘Belleville’ (Belleville-sur-Meuse);‘Grand’ (French for ‘large’); ‘Bras’ (Bras-sur-Meuse); ‘R[...]ville’ (?Regnéville-sur-Meuse); ‘?Chessay sur [...]’ (Charney-sur-Meuse); ‘Monfaucon’ (Montfaucon d’Argonne); ‘?Samrignieux’ (?Samogneux)’; ‘Forges’ (Forges-sur-Meuse); ‘Dan[...]’ (Dannevoux); ‘Sivory’ (Sivry-sur-Meuse); ‘Ville Franche[...]’ (Saulmory-et-Villefranche); ‘Liny’; ‘Dun’ (Dun-sur-Meuse); ‘Haramont’ (Vilosnes-Haraumont); ‘Doulon’; ‘Saussay’ (Sassy-sur-Meuse); ‘Lyon’ (Lion-devant-Dun); ‘Milly’ (Milly-sur-Bradon); ‘Mouzay’; ‘Vis[...]e’ (?Wiseppe); ‘Beaumont’ (Beaumont-en-Argonne); ‘Lanville’ (Laneuville-sur-Meuse); ‘Stenay’; ‘?Poiely’ (?Pouilly-sur-Meuse); ‘Mar’ (Martincourt-sur-Meuse); ‘Moulin’ (Moulins-Saint-Hubert); ‘Mouxon’. The sketch map continues on the folio opposite (Tate D19552; Turner Bequest CCXVI 1), showing the route of the river from Mouzon to Sedan.
To the side of the map is an assortment of notes and sketches that appear to describe the colour of garments and objects. When the book is upright the inscriptions read:
           ‘Colour            Blue
                                  St E[...]
            all   [...]
            Red Cuff
            Yellow         Red
            Blue              Blue
            Grey Clothes or C[...]
       Over the Belt [...]
[?Salmon] colour f[...]
             S [...] 1
             Cor[...] 2

Alice Rylance-Watson
January 2014

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