Catalogue entry

522. [N05486] Mountain Landscape c. 1840–5


Canvas, 28 × 38 (71 × 96·5)

Coll. Turner Bequest 1856 (140, one of 2 each 3'2" × 2'4" with No. 521; identified 1946 by a chalk number on back); transferred to the Tate Gallery 1947.

Exh. R.A. 1974–5 (570, repr.).

Lit. Davies 1946, pp. 159, 188; Butlin 1981, p. 45.

Companion to No. 521 [N05476]. The viewpoint of this picture, apparently looking down over a valley that runs in diagonally from the lower right-hand corner, is close to that of the National Gallery of Victoria's Val d' Aosta (No. 520).

As in the case of the companion picture, there are signs that other pictures were leant against it in Turner's studio while the paint was still not completely dry. There are paint-losses down the left-hand edge, now restored.

Published in:
Martin Butlin and Evelyn Joll, The Paintings of J.M.W. Turner, revised ed., New Haven and London 1984