Exhibition catalogue text

Catalogue entry from Turner on the Loire

99 The harbour of Brest: the quayside and ch?teau c.1826-8 (fig.173)
Oil on canvas 1725 x 2235 (68 x 88)
Preliminary sketches: TB CCXLVIII ff.16, 16 verso
EXH: Edinburgh 1968 (20)
LIT: Davies 1946, p.164; Reynolds 1969, repr. p.152 fig.134; B&J 1977, no.527, as 'Harbour with town and fortress, ?c.1830'; Wilton 1979, p.224, repr. p.296; B&J 1984, no.527, col. pl.528; Wilton 1987 (Guide), repr. in col. p.43, as 'A fortress on the Meuse, c.1828'
T05514 [misprint in catalogue: actually N05514] (Accessioned c.1946)

Published in:
Ian Warrell, Turner on the Loire, exhibition catalogue, Tate Gallery, London 1997, p.225 no.99, reproduced in colour p.177