Joseph Mallord William TurnerVan Tromp Returning after the Battle off the Dogger Bank exhibited 1833

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Van Tromp Returning after the Battle off the Dogger Bank
Date exhibited 1833
MediumOil paint on canvas
Dimensionsframe: 1054 x 1352 mm, 31 kg, 95 mm support: 905 x 1206 mm
Acquisition Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Not on display

Display caption

An important influence on Turner’s marine pictures was the tradition of Dutch sea paintings. In the early 1830s Turner made a series of paintings inspired by seventeenth-century painters such as Willem Van de Velde, and took subjects from naval history.

This is one of four paintings that refer in the title to ‘Van Tromp’, a name that conflates two Admirals called Tromp. Turner’s tribute to Dutch art is coupled with what has been seen as a topical reference to recent Belgian secession from The Netherlands, and his criticism of the British government’s pro-Belgian stance.

February 2010

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