Richard Tuttle
System VI, White Traffic 2011

Artwork details

Richard Tuttle born 1941
System VI, White Traffic
Date 2011
Medium 12.7 mm fir plywood, pine closure strips, 50.8 x 102 mm fir lumber, 50.8 x 50.8 mm poplar lumber, 19 mm birch plywood, powered tire rubber mixed with acrylic, semi-gloss white paint, burnt sienna acrylic, permanent green, bolts, semi-gloss black paint, eye bolts, vinyl-coated steel cable, Styrofoam, permanent rose acrylic, homasote, aluminium, oil-based marker, foam, natural pigments, 102 x 102 mm lumber, nails, golden primer, yellow gesso, armature wire, terra cotta clay, pine moulding strips, wire, Spandex mesh, yellow halogen lamp with a ceramic socket, white 76.2 mm electrical cord, Grumbacher red and blue paint
Dimensions Object: 2540 x 2896 x 2896 mm
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