Audio transcript

Cy Twombly 'The Four Seasons'

Narrator: A series of paintings entitled 'The Four Seasons' is the focus for this display. Cy Twombly's energetic, looping paintings decorated with graffiti scrawls, have established him as one of the most distinguished living abstract artists. Although born and trained in America, he has lived in Italy since the 1950s, and his work combines the abstract expressionist tradition of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning with a classical sensitivity to landscape. The critic David Sylvester described the scribbling and splattering in Twombly's paintings as 'the marks of an irrepressibly urgent need to spill pent-up energy and to leave something of oneself behind.' The variety of marks on the canvas, from a brush, to fingers pushed through paint, to gouged lines, emphasise this sense of hands-on, feverish engagement.