Jeff WallDiagonal Composition 1993

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Jeff Wall (born 1946)
Diagonal Composition
Date 1993
MediumTransparency on lightbox
Dimensionsunconfirmed: 400 x 460 mm
Acquisition Purchased 2003
Not on display


Diagonal Composition is a colour photograph of the detail of an interior. Like the majority of Wall’s images, it is displayed in a light box. It represents a balanced composition of dynamically intersecting and crossing parallel and diagonal lines, the result of viewing and framing the subject from a particular angle. Part of an enamel sink in the foreground is surrounded by a yellow formica surface, the lines of which are sharply defined by metal edging running parallel to the sides of the sink. The intersection of the metal strips at the rear corner of the sink is slightly to the left of the centre of the photograph. They frame a bar of soap and lump of white detritus lying on the formica next to the sink… (read more)

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